AHMED BEST (Dexter) began his career in the arts at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. He was a founding member of the Hip Hop jazz group The Jazzhole. He moved on to star in the Broadway musical Stomp and would later tour both nationally and internationally with the company. Ahmed is best known for the role of Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars Episode One, The Phantom Menace. He would later appear in all three of the Star Wars prequels, and reprise the voice of the role in the beloved Star Wars the Clone Wars series, and Robot Chicken, which earned him the ANNIE award winner Best Actor in a Animated Series. He has appeared in numerous feature films including Mother and Child (Director: Rodrigo Garcia), FDR American Bad ASS (Director Garrett Brawith), Poolboy (Director Garrett Brawith) and Some Guy Who Kills People (Director: Jack Perez). Ahmed has also produced and executive produced projects, including The DL Chronicles, which earned the GLAAD award for Best Anthology series in 2008, and directed the web-series The Bandwagon and This Can’t Be My Life. Twitter: @ahmedbest