PEYTON SKELTON (Director of Photography) became interested in photography at early age, “borrowing” his parents expensive SLR camera for months at a time. After attending school for photo journalism, Peyton found work in Wilmington NC on projects over his early years in the film business. He was lucky enough to work with some Hollywood greats right off the bat; Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck, Arthur Penn, and the Coen Brothers amongst others. Upon coming to Hollywood in the 90’s, he fell right into more film work with some greats, including Robert Rodriguez, Betty Thomas, and Thomas Schalmme. In 2002, Peyton became Gaffer during the second season of Greys Anatomy, and would later go onto to work in the lighting department, on other series such as Suburgatory, You’re the Worst, and Selfie. Over the years Peyton has transitioned to the camera department, working as the Director of Photography on a number of short films and web-series, and the upcoming feature film Murder Manual starring Emilia Clarke.